Coffee List

All of our coffees here at The Flying Dog are supplied from Puro Coffee who are committed to protecting the rainforest by Working alongside World Land Trust and for every cup of coffee sold, money is given to buy and protect areas of the rainforest in South America. All of Puro's products are certified Fairtrade which means the farmers who grow the coffee get a fair wage for their hard work.

Espresso - A short, invigorating shot of coffee

Macchiato - Something different. A shot of espresso marked with a little frothed milk

Cappuccino - A luxurious mix of espresso steamed milk and frothed milk, finished with a sprinkling of real chocolate or cinnamon

Americano - A shot of espresso mixed with hot water to create a long black coffee

Hot Chocolate - A delightful combination of chocolate and frothed milk

Caffe Latte - A delicious mixture of espresso and steamed milk crowned with a smooth layer of frothed milk

Mocha - A wonderful fusion of espresso, steamed with milk and chocolate

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